about founder and
president cynthia olmstead (aka cindy)

cindy olmsteadfor over thirty years cynthia has been dedicated to helping organizations achieve success through their people. over the course of her career, she has facilitated the creation of many strategic plans, designed and delivered corporate leadership training programs, implemented performance appraisal systems for executive teams and coached individuals in their leadership growth.

whatever she focuses on cindy shares her dynamism in organizational development and training experience to align teams and individuals so they can move their companies and businesses forward. she is the founder and former owner of trustworks group which focused on trust in the work place. knowing how to address issues that erode trust and having tools to help build and sustain trust are at the core of the trustworks programs. these programs assist leaders and teams by teaching proactive ways to manage conflict, improve communication skills and ultimately build a culture based on trust. major corporations worldwide have implemented these tools successfully. this trustworks model™was created by cynthia olmstead when she owned her company, trustworks group, inc. this model is used in all the trustworks™  programs: leader, myself and teams. the ken blanchard companies, a global leader in leadership training, now own the trustworks™ materials and copyrights. if you are interested in knowing more about or purchasing programs please visit the ken blanchard companies website, www.kenblanchard.com in 2010 trustworks was sold to the ken blanchard companies.

highly energetic, cindy often facilitates business planning meetings or "tricky sessions" where conflict needs to be addressed. her success rate in helping to create a "safe environment" to reach resolution is high and one of her signature strengths. in addition she is very active in the san diego business community and serves on executive boards for several non-profit organizations.



"you are superb at helping create goal alignment among management teams and sharpening the strategic focus so that it is actionable throughout the company. "
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