the development of trustworks!

the journey of trustworks

      1. initial trust concept: created at new hampshire mountains planning session
      2. market research to determine the need in the marketplace and identify program competition
  • trust focus groups: small focus groups held in maine, chicago and san diego with ceos, senior management and organizational consultants. the input provided substantive data to continue the market research.
  • trust survey: a geographically diverse survey was sent to a random sample of senior leadership, human resource directors, directors/coordinators of training as well as internal and external consultants. results identified a breakdown of trust between middle and upper management as well as with senior leadership. request emerged for tools to help address trust issues.
  • academic analysis reviewed academic studies and research on trust.
  • competitive analysis reviewed other trust programs and products in the marketplace.
  • empirical data gathering gathered from ongoing client work through organizational change consulting services.
    1. 3. program design and development
  • basic tenets of trustworks! programs
  • trust means different things to different people based upon their experiences.
  • trust is based on individuals’ perceptions of others’ behaviors, or organizations’ collective behaviors.
  • trust is the foundation for all relationships.
  • it is difficult to talk about trust when it has different interpretations; hence, the need for a common language.
  • abcd trust model© the core to all the trustworks! programs is the abcd model. it is divided into four (4) core elements, able, believable, connected and dependable. these four elements are subdivided into three (3) components for each of the four areas. the components help to describe the behaviors within each of these areas.
  • self assessment developed with professors at san diego state university business department.
  • beta testing :conducted beta testing with senior level managers at companies ranging from pharmaceutical, manufacturing, banking and service providers.
  • psychometric analysis this examination ensured the validity and reliability to the abcd trust model©.
  • trade marks and copyrights acquired and on file at the us office of patents and trademarks.
    1. 4. trustworks! marketplace launch introduced at an invitational session and at astd.
      5. the ken blanchard companies: purchased the products to add to their suite of leadership programs.


"there’s absolutely no way you can win in relationships, in business or with money without trust.... ken blanchard’s trustworks! lays out a solid formula for building and maintaining that trust over time, so you’ll always know when you have it—and when you don’t."
– dave ramsey, new york times bestselling author and nationally syndicated radio show host


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